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Insights in Kisi allows you to discover practical information about your facility usage patterns, user behavior, and security trends. Reports are generated directly within the Kisi web dashboard and are exclusively available to users with Organization Administrator, Manager, or Observer access rights.

Report types

Currently, you can access three types of reports in Insights:

  • Unlock Statistics and Trends Reports
  • User Presence Reports
  • Weekly Place Analytics Reports

Alternatively, you can use Reports to generate a report ad-hoc and download it for offline analysis, or subscribe to Scheduled Reports for continuous monitoring.

The Unlock Statistics and Trends Report allows you to analyze unique user unlocks, total unlocks, and failed unlocks over a 35-day period, and compare these metrics with the 6-month average. It gives you insights into the following:

  • Number of daily unique users and their 6-month average
  • Number of daily successful unlocks and their 6-month average
  • Number of daily failed unlocks and their 6-month average

User Presence Report

With User Presence Reports you can monitor user attendance patterns for each weekday within a specified period, including:

  • User name
  • Email
  • Number of days with unlocks

Weekly Place Analytics Report

Weekly Place Analytics Reports provide a comprehensive weekly summary of facility usage, including key metrics and trends to track changes over time:

  • Daily place usage
  • Heatmap of unique user unlocks
  • Weekly unique users
  • Unlocks by credential type
  • The top 5 most frequently used doors
  • Recent failed unlock attempts
  • Hardware metrics

Request custom reports and provide feedback

If you have suggestions for improvements or want reports tailored to your organization’s needs, click the Reach out to us link in your Kisi web dashboard or let us know via Kisi Support.