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What is Kisi?#

Kisi is a next-generation door access control and security solution. It is a cloud-based system that integrates with a variety of hardware devices and software tools.

Kisi offers a multitude of features that allow administrators to have control of the doors and the users who access them. Administrators can manage doors and their schedules, manage access rights, add or remove users or admins, assign credentials, set access levels, and monitor real-time access events wherever they are, with a live feed and system health status notifications delivered to their mobile phones.

Users can access places through different methods. They can use their phones, cards, stickers, or fobs.

The main pieces of hardware in the Kisi system are the Kisi Controllers and the Kisi Readers. Depending on the needs of a particular facility, they can just install controllers or they can install both.

The Kisi Reader Pro is an IP-based access control reader for unlocking doors that uses an operating system to decide which communication channel to use based on what's available and fastest for the user.

The Kisi Controller Pro is the heart of the system. It is the central hardware unit, also IP-based, that enables access to the doors.

Kisi can connect with several hardware components apart from doors. A Kisi system can include elevators, cameras, sensors, thermal scanners, intercoms, and more.

Kisi supports an extensive amount of software integrations including data analytics, CRM, identity management, office tools, user provisioning, and visitor systems.

Facts about Kisi#

  • Kisi is a modern hardware and software solution for access control, setting the standards for the future of access control.
  • Kisi's admin dashboard gives the administrator a high level of control.
  • Kisi is the highest-rated mobile access app on both Google Play and the App Store.
  • Kisi uses IT grade hardware, meaning advanced IP connected devices with secure operating systems.
  • Kisi has security features which are unparalleled in the access control industry.
  • Kisi has the most extensive integrations on the market.
  • Kisi can connect to a wide variety of hardware devices.