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Reset a tampered reader

The Kisi Reader Pro 2 can detect if it's removed from the wall, which shouldn't happen during regular use, as it suggests tampering.

If Tamper Protection is activated, any attempts to unlock via the reader will be suspended upon detection of tampering until the reader is securely reattached to its backplate, and its status is manually reset from the dashboard.

Admins will be notified via a notification banner on the reader's overview page in such cases. As an admin, you can reset the reader by following the steps below.

  1. Make sure that the reader is attached to its backplate
  2. Once on the reader's overview page, navigate to the notification banner at the top of the screen and click on Reset tamper

If the tampered sensor becomes damaged, it is possible that the reader will remain attached to the backplate but cannot be reset to its original state. In such circumstances, we advise disabling the tamper protection functionality.

Get notified about tampering

If tampering occurs, an event will be created. You can set up an alert policy for tamper events to be notified when it happens.


If the door linked to the reader is in an intrusion detection area, the alarm will activate.