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Credentials identify a user to Kisi and are either physical, mobile or link based.

Physical credentials

Kisi offers four ways for unlocking with physical credentials by tapping them against Kisi Readers:

  • Kisi cards (Kisi Passes)
  • Third-party NFC cards
  • Tags
  • Fobs

Physical use either high frequency (NFC) or low frequency (LF) transmissions.

Mobile credentials

Admins may configure various modes of operation for mobile credentials:

  • Tap to Unlock allows users to tap a Kisi Reader to unlock without having to actively use the Kisi apps for Android or iOS.
  • Tap to Unlock with Secondary Authentication requires users to unlock their mobile devices before tapping the Kisi Reader for additional security.
  • In addition to tapping Kisi Readers, mobile credentials also provide the option to unlock doors from within the Kisi apps.

Web and email based credentials

Link based credentials are sent via emails to users. Users will find a link inside the email that leads to a page showing a list of locks to unlock.