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Mobile credentials

Kisi organization administrators can configure various modes of operation for mobile credentials.

Tap to Unlock

Tap to Unlock allows you to unlock doors by tapping your mobile device against the Kisi Reader, without having to actively use the app. The communication is based on BLE and NFC technologies, transmitting the information to the controller and to the cloud. Communication with the controller can also be through a local network.

If the local network is offline, the phone will request offline credentials from the cloud. In this case, the reader will talk to the controller without any intermediaries.

  • Tap to Unlock is enabled by default, no action is required to activate it.
  • To ensure the proper functioning of Tap to Unlock, please position your mobile device below the LED circle on the reader.

Tap to Unlock with two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you need to unlock your mobile device before tapping it against the Kisi Reader. This adds an extra layer of security. The feature is optional and fully customizable from the Kisi dashboard.

  • To ensure the proper functioning of Tap to Unlock, please position your mobile device below the LED circle on the reader.
  • Please be aware that even with two-factor authentication enabled, there may be a brief 5-10 second window during which unlocking a reader with a locked phone is still possible after the phone is re-locked due to delays in receiving the state change from the operating system.

Tap in-app

Tap in-app allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app. The tap sends the unlock request directly to the cloud, then to the controller, which fires the relay opening the door. Note that in this case the reader is not necessary.


MotionSense allows you to unlock a door with just a wave of the hand.

Based on your operating system, utilize the tabs below for guidance and instructions.

  • MotionSense enabled on the reader
  • The Kisi Android app installed
  • Bluetooth or NFC enabled
  • Have the phone nearby
  • MotionSense enabled on the mobile (see below)
  1. Sign in to your Kisi organization, as described above
  2. Tap the user icon to open the User settings
  3. Tap on Hand wave unlock
  4. Enable Use hand wave unlock

The MotionSense functionality cannot be combined with the two-factor authentication restriction.

MotionSense troubleshooting

There can be several reasons as to why MotionSense might not be working. Please check that:

  • MotionSense is enabled for that specific Kisi Reader
  • You are on the latest version of the Kisi app
  • You are signed into the Kisi app
  • You have access to that specific door
  • You have your phone nearby. MotionSense works best when the user's phone is in close proximity to the reader. If the phone is in the front pocket while facing the reader, MotionSense will function properly. However, it may not work if the phone is in the back pocket or inside a bag located behind the user, as the signal cannot pass through the human body.
  • Depending on your device, NFC or Bluetooth is enabled on your phone
  • Location services are set to Always for the Kisi app