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Manage your subscription


Only users with organization owner, organization administrator, organization access manager and observer roles can view subscription information. If you have one of these roles, but still can't see the billing page, you may have subscribed to Kisi through a reseller. In this case, please contact your reseller.

You can keep track of your Kisi subscription under Organization setup > Billing. This page provides an overview of your billed resources, specifying the quantity, price per unit and price in total to be paid for each resource, and the total amount to be paid that month. A credit card number will be saved in the billing settings and can be changed anytime.

  • The Billing period card shows your current billing period and subscription status: Active, Canceled, Past Due, Unpaid, Trialing, Incomplete, Incomplete Expired
  • Use the Update card to update the payment method directly in Stripe
  • Use the Change card to change your subscription by contacting Kisi Support
  • Use the Cancel card to cancel your subscription by contacting Kisi Support

By expanding the Doors tab, you can view the number of doors in each of your Kisi places, and the total billing amount for each place.

Late payment procedure

If your Kisi subscription payment goes into past due status, don't worry! Your subscription won't end immediately and Kisi will still grant you access to your spaces. The applied restrictions are:

  • reduced quota limits
  • restricted access to create resources such as users and doors
  • restricted access to review event history

If you have any questions please contact Kisi Support.