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QR codes


The early access launch for Kisi QR Code Scanners is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

A QR code, or quick-response code, is a two-dimensional barcode encoding limited amounts of data, and can be scanned with most mobile devices equipped with a camera. Kisi utilizes QR codes in two ways:

  1. To streamline visitor access with online and offline QR codes
  2. To securely identify users through rotating QR codes (coming soon)

Streamline visitor access with online and offline QR codes

In this scenario, QR codes serve as an added feature to access links. When administrators send out an access link, they have the option to include a QR code in the emails sent to recipients. The recipient simply presents this QR code to a compatible Kisi QR Code Scanner upon arrival at the site to unlock the door. This eliminates the need for manual door selection, as with regular access links that display a list of authorized doors.

Administrators also have the capability to send QR codes that can be used offline. Just like the Kisi Reader, the Kisi QR Code Scanner verifies if the user is in the offline cache and grants or denies access based on that information. This works even if both the mobile device and the reader are offline, as long as the QR code image has been saved on the phone.

Similar to other Kisi credentials, QR codes provide Kisi administrators with a comprehensive audit trail of user access.

Securely identify users through rotating QR codes

(Coming soon) For Tap to Unlock, the mobile badge screen in the Kisi mobile app displays a rotating QR code, valid for less than a minute at a time. This feature enhances security by preventing QR code copying and sharing. Users can gain entry by presenting the QR code to a compatible Kisi QR Code Scanner. In cases where users encounter difficulties using the Tap to Unlock functionality due to issues with the Bluetooth/NFC settings, these QR codes provide a great alternative solution.

Integration options for partners

Enable access via partner-generated Kisi QR codes

(Coming soon) Partners can generate Kisi QR codes without relying on the Kisi API by utilizing a shared secret for authentication. This works for both access link and Tap to Unlock-based QR codes.

Delegated evaluation of third-party QR codes

(Coming soon) The Kisi QR Code Scanner can be configured to forward non-Kisi QR codes can to an external webhook for delegated decision-making (grant/deny access). This allows partners to evaluate QR codes independent of access rights stored in Kisi.