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Configure request-to-exit devices

Once you have configured your controller, you can further expand your Kisi setup by adding request-to-exit devices to it, e.g. request-to-exit buttons or motion sensors.

For a visual guide on installing the request-to-exit device and configuring it in Kisi, please watch the video below. For step-by-step instructions on configuring the software, use the tabs below.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to the Place menu and select the place where you want to configure the request-to-exit device for
  3. Navigate to Hardware in the left-hand menu and select Controllers
  4. Select the controller that has the request-to-exit device wired to
  5. Scroll down and click on Inputs
  6. Select the input that has the request-to-exit wired to
  7. Under Type, select Request to Exit
  8. Under Door, select the door the request-to-exit device is wired to
  9. Under Duration, define how long the relay should be triggered
  10. Under Action on Access, you have three options:
  • Unlock door: If you use a conventional request-to-exit button that directly controls power to the lock, select this option. When triggered, the request-to-exit button will unlock the door immediately.
  • Enable unlock: If your request-to-exit device signals the Kisi Controller to control power to the lock (e.g., a motion sensor), select this option. This setting suppresses any "forced open" events for the selected duration. The actual unlock will be controlled by the Kisi Controller, not the request-to-exit device itself.
  • Terminate unlock schedule(s): If you want to utilize an interior button exclusively for ending an ongoing Unlock schedule and resetting the First to Arrive schedule, choose this option.
  1. Under End of Line Type section, specify the desired end-of-line status that you want Kisi to detect:
  • Cut detect: Detects if the wiring is cut.
  • Short detect: Detects if the wiring is shorted.
  • Cut and short detect: Detects both cut and shorted wiring scenarios.
  1. Enable the toggle
  2. Click Save

Remove request-to-exit devices

You can anytime disable your request-to-exit devices using the same Hardware tab.

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