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Configure the Kisi Terminal Pro

Once your Kisi Terminal Pro is installed and wired, you can begin the configuration process. This involves assigning the Kisi Terminal to the appropriate Kisi place and then configuring the relevant access point. The steps will vary slightly depending on whether you are setting up access for a door or an elevator.


In the following steps, "reader" refers to the Kisi Reader Pro 2.1 installed on the Kisi Terminal.

Assign the Kisi Terminal to place

First, you must assign your Terminal Pro to the relevant Kisi place, i.e., the facility where it's installed and in use. This is done by assigning the Kisi Reader to a place.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to the Place menu
  3. Select the place you want to configure the Terminal Pro for
  4. Click on Hardware
  5. Select the Readers tab, and click on Add Reader
  6. Under Token, enter the token printed on the Kisi Reader that is on the Terminal Pro
  7. Under Name, define a name that will help you identify this specific reader
  8. Click on Add

Make sure to also configure reader permissions.

Assign door or elevator to the reader

In this step, you will assign the relevant access point to your Kisi Terminal Pro. Depending on whether you intend to control access to a door or to elevator floors, use the tabs below.


If you haven't yet added a door to Kisi, you can do so by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Open the Place menu and click on the Hardware tab
  3. Click on Readers
  4. Select the reader you want to assign a door to
  5. Under Search doors or elevators, choose the corresponding door
  6. Click Save

Finalize the configuration

To enable users to access spaces by utilizing the Kisi Terminal Pro, you need to add them to a group and assign the relevant door or elevator floors to this group.

Test your Kisi Terminal Pro

Your Kisi Terminal Pro should now be ready to use.