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Install the Kisi Intercom Pro

The Kisi Intercom Pro offers enhanced security, flexibility, and scalability for your organization. Combine doorbell and video security capabilities, along with simplified methods for receiving calls via the Kisi mobile app and intuitive, cloud-based management tools.

Intercom kit components

  • 1x Kisi Intercom Pro
  • 2x screws for mounting

Tools required

  • A TORX T10H screwdriver

Mount the Kisi Intercom on an LV1 mounting bracket

  1. Secure the backplate onto the LV1 mounting bracket using the two screws provided. The screw holes should be positioned at least 3.27 inches (83 mm) apart.
  1. Connect the intercom to the existing cabling (PoE).
  1. Slide the intercom into the backplate starting from the top. Once the top portion is inserted, push in the bottom part until fully seated.
  1. Tighten the security screw located at the bottom of the intercom using the provided screwdriver (TORX T10H)