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You can connect your Kisi hardware to the Wi-Fi by using Electric Imp's BlinkUp™ technology. This allows you to transmit wired or wireless network credentials to the controller and readers via a series of light flashes to a photo-optical sensor on the Kisi device.

When connecting your hardware to the internet, you need to consider the following two features:

  • a receiver that receives network credentials
  • a status indicator that visualizes the controllers connectivity status.

The status indicator will blink in different color patterns based on its status condition. Use the table below to identify the color patterns your device’s BlinkUp status LED may signal.

BlinkUp codes


To identify the root cause of a failure, you need to look at the pattern being flashed at the point of failure, ie. the last pattern to flash before the LED is powered down.

Pre-BlinkUp and BlinkUp Patterns
No network settings or  
enrollment credentials  
imp005 waiting for Ethernet  500ms500ms250ms250msRepeat
BlinkUp Successful  For three seconds
Wi-Fi-only Connection Patterns
WPS in progress 
(press WPS button on router)  
Searching for Wi-Fi network  500ms500ms500ms250ms250ms250msRepeat
Joining Wi-Fi network  500ms500ms500ms250ms250ms250ms250ms250msRepeat
Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connection Patterns
Getting IP address  500ms250ms250msRepeat
Resolving server name  500ms250ms250msRepeat
Connecting to server  500ms500ms500ms250msRepeat
Connected to server  500ms500msRepeat
Proxy address or port incorrect  500ms500ms250ms250ms250ms250msRepeat
Proxy credentials rejected  500ms500ms250ms250ms250ms250ms250msRepeat

A solid red or rapidly flashing red LED indicates a power supply issue.