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Set up Capacity Management

You can see and manage real-time space utilization data at your place by setting up Capacity Management.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to Places and select the place where you want to set up Capacity Management
  3. Navigate to Capacity Management in the left-hand menu
  4. Under Presence Estimation, choose how Kisi should determine occupancy. There are two options:

Inactivity timer: manually set an inactivity timer, which will begin from the moment a user unlocks a door. When the timer expires, the user is considered to be no longer present in the space and is removed from the occupancy count.

  • For this option, define after how many hours of inactivity a user should be removed from the occupancy count
  • Click Save

Checkout reader: install Kisi Readers on both sides of the door to set up In-and-Out Tracking. Users are moved to the occupancy list when they use the entry-side access point, and removed when they use the exit-side access point.

  • For this option, click on the Checkout Reader link under Presence Estimation
  • Under Hardware > Readers, choose the reader you want to enable as a checkout reader
  • Under General settings, toggle on Checkout Reader
  • Click Save
  1. Under Capacity Limit, define the maximum amount of users allowed in your place at once
  2. Under Alert Policies, define who should be notified when capacity has reached 75%, 100% and 150% by entering a valid email address. By clicking on the username, you can also define if the user should be notified via email, web or mobile push notification.