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Connect to the internet

If you want to connect your Kisi devices to the internet over Wi-Fi, you'll need to run a BlinkUp on them. With BlinkUp, you transmit your wired or wireless network credentials to the Kisi Controller and readers.


  • Physical access to the Kisi device
  • The Kisi mobile app (iOS or Android)

Kisi devices are pre-configured at the factory to exclusively use Ethernet. If Ethernet is the only connectivity option you wish to use, you do not need to perform a BlinkUp. BlinkUps are only required if you need to configure Wi-Fi credentials, no longer wish to use Wi-Fi, or have previously cleared the settings.

There are three use cases for running a BlinkUp:

  • Connect over Wi-Fi & Ethernet: if your device does not have Ethernet, this will only set up Wi-Fi. Ethernet, if available, will be the preferred connection for your device.
  • Connect over Ethernet only: if you've been using Ethernet out-of-the-box, but configured Wi-Fi in between, you have to blink-up your devices to go back to Ethernet.
  • Clear configuration: reset your Kisi device's internet connection settings. If you are having trouble connecting your Kisi device to the internet, try clearing these settings first.

Clear configuration

It is advisable to reset your Kisi device's internet connection settings before performing the BlinkUp process.

  1. Confirm that the status LED in the Kisi device is blinking. If it is not, restart the device.
  2. Sign in to Kisi on mobile
  3. Tap on the home icon to open the Admin Dashboard
  4. Tap on Connect Kisi Devices
  5. Tap on OK, Let's Get Started
  6. Tap on Clear connections
  7. Tap on Start BlinkUp now and hold your phone's screen to the device

After completing the BlinkUp process, check your Kisi mobile app for status confirmation. A successful configuration clearing will be indicated by the status LED on the Kisi device blinking in orange. If not, please redo the process. For additional details, refer to the BlinkUp codes.

Use the tabs below to precisely locate the BlinkUp sensor and the status LED both on your controller and readers.


Controller Pro 2 devices with revision numbers under 553xxxxxx support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. For higher revision numbers, only Ethernet is available. You can verify your revision number under Controller details.

Controller Pro 1


During BlinkUp, your phone screen will rapidly flash. Make sure you always blink-up with the screen facing away from you and directly towards the BlinkUp sensor on the device being configured, especially if you suffer from a medical condition that makes you susceptible to strobing light.

  1. Confirm that the status LED in the Kisi device is blinking. If it is not, restart the device.
  2. Sign in to Kisi on mobile, and click on a place
  3. Click on the home icon and select Admin Dashboard
  4. Click on Connect Kisi Devices
  5. Click OK, Let's Get Started
  6. Select your use case (Connect over Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Connect over Ethernet only, or Clear device connection).

Note: If you select the Connect over Wi-Fi and Ethernet use case, you will be prompted to select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password. You can also connect your devices to Wi-Fi using WPS.

  1. Click on Start BlinkUp Now and you will see a 3 seconds countdown
  2. Hold your phone screen to the BlinkUp sensor in the Kisi device to begin the process
  3. Your phone screen will rapidly flash between maximum and minimum brightness at a fixed rate. Once it ends, your phone will vibrate.

Once the BlinkUp is completed, check your Kisi mobile app for status confirmation. For a successful BlinkUp, the status LED on the reader has to shine in a solid green for three seconds right after the BlinkUp sequence ends. Otherwise, please repeat the process.

BlinkUp failed?

Check out our Help Space for more information on what can cause BlinkUp to fail. For more information on BlinkUp codes, please refer to our reference article on BlinkUps.

On to the next step

Congratulations, your Kisi hardware is now all set and ready to be configured.