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Install Allegion wireless locks

Kisi integrates with Allegion's ENGAGE technology, providing seamless support for Schlage NDE and LE smart locks. This allows you to view and conveniently manage all locks across your facility through the Kisi interface.


  • Allegion wireless locks
  • Allegion gateway
  • a Kisi Controller

How does it work

The Allegion gateway allows the Kisi Controller to communicate with Allegion wireless locks. Each Kisi Controller can have one Allegion gateway with up to ten wireless locks for a total of ten doors per Kisi Controller.


The Allegion gateway is connected to the wireless lock via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Make sure the gateway is no further than 9 m (30 ft) from the locks. We recommend doing a site survey to test your connection strength. If the signal is too weak, try moving your Allegion gateway closer to your lock.

For a visual guide on installing the wireless lock and configuring it in Kisi, please watch the video below. If you prefer step-by-step instructions on configuring the software, simply scroll down.

Set up the integration

To set up the integration, please follow the steps outlined in the documents below.

  1. Set up the hardware by following the hardware installation guide
  2. Install the software by following the software installation guide

Once set up, the wireless locks will appear in the Kisi interface as additional inputs in the respective place.

Create a door

If you don't have any Kisi doors in place, it's time to set them up. If you've already added the door where the wireless lock is, you can move ahead to configure the lock.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On your place dashboard, click on Doors
  3. Click on Add Door
  4. Define the name and add a description for your new door
  5. Click on Add

Configure your wireless lock

The following steps are applicable for configuring both Schlage NDE and LE products.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to Places and select the place where you want to configure the wireless lock
  3. In the left-hand menu, navigate to Hardware and select Controllers
  4. Select the Controller Pro that is connected to the wireless lock
  5. Scroll down to the list of Inputs. If your wireless lock is connected, it will automatically appear under Type
  6. Choose the input that is assigned to the wireless lock
  7. Under Search door, select the door to which the wireless lock is installed
  8. Define the Unlock duration to determine the time the wireless lock should wait after an unlock event before triggering a Held open event
  9. Click Save

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