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Share access with users

As the last step of this tutorial, you'll be sharing access with users by assigning them access rights.

  1. Navigate to your organization dashboard
  2. Click on Users. This is an overview of all users associated with your organization.
  3. Click on the user you want to adjust access rights for
  4. On the user profile, scroll down and select the Access Rights tab
  5. Click on Share Access
  6. Open the Choose Type dropdown and select on which level you want to assign this particular access right - Group, Place, or Organization level
  7. If you selected Group or Place, in the next field specify in which group or place you want to assign access rights to the user
  8. Select the preferred role(s)
  9. Click Assign

Please note that a user can't have more than one role in the same place or group. However, a user can have more than one place- or group-level role for different places and groups. For example, place access manager for Place A and place administrator for Place B.

Where to go next?

This completes the tutorial for hardware and account setup, Kisi environment creation, user provisioning and access sharing. You should now be familiar with the fundamental Kisi concepts and workflows involved.

Other sections of the documentation expand upon them. The how-to guides in particular cover many common operations. And if there’s something you’re looking for but can’t find, please contact Kisi support.