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Create a group

To share access with users, you must first add them to at least one group. Groups allow to share access to an entire pool of users, all with similar permissions and restrictions to the same doors.

Depending on who should be able to make changes to the group, you have two options:

  • Create an organization group, where only organization administrators can make changes and add/remove users to/from it
  • Create a place group, where place administrators can also make changes and add/remove users to/from it

Create an organization or a place group

  1. Navigate to your organization dashboard, and click on Groups
  2. Click on Add a group
  3. Define the name and add a description of your group
  4. Open the Select place dropdown and select the place you want your new group to have access to
  5. If it should be a place group, enable the Allow Changes by Place Admins toggle. This will turn your new group into a Place group.
  6. Open the Search door dropdown and select the door(s) you want your new group to have access to
  7. In the next field, you can manually add users to the group by entering one or more valid email addresses. Users that don't exist yet will be created with the basic role for the place/organization, and then added to the group with the above specified role.
  8. Click Add

Once you finish, you land on the group details page where you can enable time restrictions, set group permissions, and send quick access links to temporary users. For a more detailed guide on that, jump to Manage groups.

On to the next step

Now you can move on and configure your group.