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Turnstiles are physical barriers commonly used in access control systems to regulate and monitor the flow of people at entry and exit points. They are typically installed in public transportation hubs, stadiums, office buildings, airports, amusement parks, and other venues that require controlled access.

Users must present valid credentials, such as access cards, tickets, or biometric identification, to gain entry. Turnstiles offer a reliable and efficient means of managing pedestrian traffic, enhancing security, and ensuring authorized entry.

Integrating turnstiles with Kisi

Turnstiles can be seamlessly integrated with the Kisi access control system, making it a part of a larger security infrastructure. This integration allows for centralized management and real-time monitoring of access data, providing valuable insights for administrators and security staff.

Best practices for installing Kisi on turnstiles

When utilizing Kisi with turnstiles, careful attention should be given to the placement and protection of antennas (BLE, NFC, RFID) and the temperature of the enclosure for optimal performance.

  • Install the Kisi Reader on the outside of the turnstile instead of the inside to maintain optimal performance.

  • Do not cover the front side (NFC and RFID) and top side (BLE) of the Kisi Reader with metal, wood, thick plastic, or any other material.

  • The maximum allowable working temperature for the reader should not exceed 122°F (50°C). Whenever possible, avoid installing the reader in direct sunlight.

By following these best practices, you can ensure the smooth operation and effectiveness of the Kisi access control system on turnstiles.