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Offline support

Edge caching for credentials allow Kisi users to unlock doors even faster, with or without internet connectivity.

Kisi is caching access rights directly on Kisi Readers. Whenever you unlock a door, Kisi will use these cached access rights before calling the Kisi cloud, and use these access rights even when online to accelerate unlocks. Currently we are covering internet outages for up to 36 hours, but this will be increased in future updates.


Please note:

  • The edge cache is always active, whether the reader is online or offline.
  • Offline cache will not work if controllers and readers are on separate networks.

Key features

  • Fully encrypted and authenticated offline support for both cards and phones, simultaneously assuring the confidentiality and authenticity of access rights.
  • High memory and bandwidth efficiency, caching up to 1000 access rights and up to 250 groups in less than a megabyte.
  • Near real-time updates of changed credentials by synchronizing with the reader cache within minutes.

Status indicators

When no interaction is ongoing:

  • Blue (Reader Pro 1.0) / White (Reader Pro 2.0): the reader is ready to process an unlock (whether connected to the internet or not)
  • Red: the reader is offline and cannot reach the controller

When an access attempt is ongoing:

  • Blinking red: the credential presented cannot be authorized, either because the user does not have access (when the device is online), or because the user is not in the edge cache (when the device is offline)
  • Green: access granted