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In-and-Out Tracking

In-and-Out Tracking in Kisi allows you to gain accurate occupancy insights and maximize space utilization at the same time. The functionality works by leveraging Kisi Readers in combination with the Capacity management capability.

By installing Kisi Readers on both sides of your door, you can track exactly when a user enters and exits your facility, even without using the Kisi Controller.

Checkout readers for time tracking

Kisi's analytics page shows a history of access and exit events (First unlock and Latest unlock) associated with timestamps per each door and space. If the latest unlock happened at a checkout reader, the user's status will be shown as Checked out.

This gives you precise information on who is currently present at your facility, who has left and when. This can be helpful for a receptionist, for example, that needs to quickly look up who is in, when they left, to give better guidance.

A more precise list of users that are onsite can be useful in case of emergencies. Also, you can use this information to match it up with actual time tracking data.


While you can set up checkout readers at any door, Kisi interprets checkout events as checkouts from the entire place, not from a certain area. Kisi does not substitute time tracking software.