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Capacity Management

Capacity Management in Kisi allows you to monitor and manage facility capacity by combining real-time and estimated space utilization data.

How does Kisi determine occupancy?

Kisi supports reporting occupancy levels in two different ways:

  • Manually set an inactivity timer: the timer will begin from the moment a user unlocks a door. When the timer expires, the user is considered to be no longer present in the space and is removed from the occupancy count. For this option, you can use the Inactivity timeout field to define after how many hours of inactivity a user should be removed from the occupancy count.
  • Install a checkout reader: install Kisi Readers on both sides of the door to set up In-and-Out Tracking. Users are moved to the occupancy list when they use the ingress access point, and removed when they use the egress access point.

Inactivity timer vs checkout reader

  • If the user checks out using the checkout reader, then the inactivity timer is disregarded.
  • If the user does not use the checkout reader, then the inactivity timer determines if the user has already checked out.