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Legacy readers

The Kisi Controller Pro 2, equipped with a Wiegand board interface, offers seamless support for legacy access control readers that support the Wiegand communication protocol.

Wiring a legacy reader

To use a legacy reader with Kisi, it is essential to wire it correctly to the Wiegand board.

  1. Select one of the four Wiegand channels on the Wiegand board
  2. Toggle the switch of the selected Wiegand channel to READER mode
  3. Connect the legacy reader's D0 wire to the D0 port of the Wiegand channel (Green - Data line 0)
  4. Connect the legacy reader's D1 wire to the D1 port of the Wiegand channel (White - Data line 1)
  5. Connect the legacy reader's + wire to the + port of the Wiegand channel (Red - 12 volts direct current)
  6. Connect the legacy reader's - wire to the - port of the Wiegand channel (Black - Ground)
  7. Connect the legacy reader's LED cable to the G (Green) port of the Wiegand channel

Supported legacy readers


The Wiegand board supports all legacy readers that use the Wiegand communication protocol and are compatible with 125 kHz credential technology. For this information, please refer to the datasheet of your reader.

Please find a non-exhaustive list of supported reader types below. For any reader types not listed below, please contact Kisi Support.


  • HID MiniProx
  • HID® multiCLASS SE® RP10/RP15/RP40
  • HID Proximity ProxPro 5355 with keypad
  • HID Prox EntryProx 4045cgnu0 with keypad
  • HID ProxPoint Plus
  • HID Signo keypad reader 20/40
  • HID Thinline II


  • Kantech P225W26
  • Kantech P225KPW26
  • Kantech P325W26
  • Kantech P325KPW26

RBH access

  • AWID SR-2400T
  • AWID SP-6820


  • Rosslare AY-K12C
  • Rosslare AY-M/H/L/K/Q12C
  • Rosslare AYC-E/F/G/M/Q60
  • Rosslare AYC-Q65
  • Rosslare AY-K35
  • Rosslare AYC-E65B
  • Rosslare AYC-E60B
  • Rosslare AYC-F64 with keypad


  • Schlage aptiQ MT11/MT15
  • Schlage MTK15 Multi-Technology reader with keypad (single gang)

Third millenium

  • RX 4 RX400
  • RX 4 RX460
  • RX 4 RX480
  • RX 4 RX490


  • UHPPOTE HBK-D02K Wiegand 26/34 bits with keypad
  • UHPPOTE Proximity RFID card reader 125KHz Wiegand 26/34 bits


  • Camden CV-550SPKV3 Stand-Alone proximity reader and keypad
  • Conlan CM1200 Keypad and Mifare reader for Wiegand
  • Dahua Technology DHI-ASR1201D
  • Honeywell OmniProx OP10/OP30/OP40/OP45
  • IEI Linear Max 3
  • Lenel - LNL-MT11-485
  • Paradox Posi In R890/CR-R880-BL/R870
  • P-300 CASCADE proximity reader
  • TruPortal T100
  • U-Prox SL Mini
  • Vanderbilt EM1050e ACTpro Prox 125 reader with keypad
  • Verex G-Prox III readers
  • CDVI: SOLARKPB keypad reader, SOLAR reader, STAR mullion reader

Currently not supported

  • aptiQ SM10
  • Gallagher T10/11/12/15 Multi Tech Reader
  • HID Edge E400 Controller “edge plus”; AWID 26bit
  • HID iClass SE
  • Kantech P225XSF
  • Kantech P225KPXSF
  • Kantech P325XSF
  • Kantech P325KPXSF
  • Kantech P600
  • MicroEngine
  • Newlands FM3051-20 usb QR
  • Openpath
  • PAXTON ACCESS| P75 Proximity Reader with HID | 125kHz Technology, 400-175-US
  • PAXTON ACCESS | 010-296-US Paxton10 Slimline Reader
  • RBH blueLINE
  • SALTO modular wall readers WRM9000
  • XF1060MF Mini-Mullion Reader