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Wiegand board

The Wiegand add-on board for the Controller Pro 2 supports up to four legacy Wiegand readers – including existing credentials – to help customers transition to a cloud based access control solution with minimal cost and migration effort.

Inputs and outputs

  • 4 Wiegand interfaces
  • 7 ports per interface
    • D0: Data line 0
    • D1: Data line 1
    • G: Green LED
    • R: Red LED
    • BZ: Buzzer
    • +: Direct current voltage (12 volts direct current and maximum 375 milliamperes per port)
    • -: Ground

Supported credentials for Wiegand readers

  • HID H10301 (26 bit)
  • HID H10302 (37 bit)
  • HID H10304 (37 bit)
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35 bit)
  • C15001 KeyScan (36 bit)

For any card formats not listed above, please contact Kisi Support.

Configurable support for Wiegand controllers and readers

All four Wiegand interfaces come with a switch:

  • READER: connect the Wiegand board to legacy readers
  • CONTRL: connect the Wiegand board to legacy controllers. This feature will be enabled with a future firmware update.


Make sure you always cut the power of the Controller Pro 2:

  • before wiring
  • before connecting the Wiegand board
  • before switching between READER and CONTRL modes