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Wiegand board

The Wiegand add-on board for the Controller Pro 2 supports up to four legacy Wiegand readers – including existing credentials – to help customers transition to a cloud based access control solution with minimal cost and migration effort.

Inputs and outputs

  • 4 Wiegand interfaces
  • 7 ports per interface
    • D0: Data line 0
    • D1: Data line 1
    • G: Green LED
    • R: Red LED
    • BZ: Buzzer
    • +: Direct current voltage (12 volts direct current and maximum 375 milliamperes per port)
    • -: Ground

Supported legacy readers

The Wiegand board supports all legacy readers that use the Wiegand communication protocol and support 125 kHz credential technology. For this information, please refer to the datasheet of your reader.

If you are looking for a standard Wiegand reader, you could consider HID multiCLASS SE, for example.

To check compatibility for a specific model, contact your Kisi representative. We maintain an extensive list of supported models.

Supported credentials

Please find the supported low-frequency RFID (125 kHz) card types below. While certain types of HID cards exist as high-frequency (13.56 mHz) cards as well, they are not necessarily NFC standards compliant and therefore not supported by Kisi.

  • C15001 KeyScan (36-bit card)
  • EM410x/TK410x (for 26-bit or 32/34-bit readers)
  • HID H10301 (26-bit card)
  • HID H10302 (37-bit card)
  • HID H10304 (37-bit card)
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35-bit card)

For any card formats not listed above, please contact Kisi Support.

Support for Wiegand controllers and readers

All four Wiegand interfaces come with a switch:

  • READER: connect the Wiegand board to legacy readers
  • CONTRL: connect the Wiegand board to legacy controllers

Support for legacy controllers will be enabled with a future firmware update.


Make sure you always cut the power of the Controller Pro 2:

  • before wiring
  • before connecting the Wiegand board
  • before switching between READER and CONTRL modes