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Use Kisi on mobile

Kisi users can unlock Kisi-enabled doors with their mobile phones using our Android or iOS app.



Some Android phones' NFC modules can work in several modes. The Kisi app only supports HCE mode.

Enable location services

Make sure you enable location services on your mobile if:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on Apps & notifications
  3. Select App permissions
  4. Select Location
  5. Scroll down to the Kisi app and enable it

For more information, read about Android app location permissions.


Kisi does not track any location information. The location service only communicates with Kisi when an unlock is being performed, and only to verify the distance from the reported location to the address of the place you are trying to enter.

Get access

Reach out to your Kisi admin to get access to your space. If you don't know who your Kisi admin is, please contact Kisi Support with the name of your company or residential building and we will look it up for you.

Sign in to Kisi

  1. Open your Kisi app
  2. Tap on Add account
  3. Enter your email and tap on Continue
  4. Go to your inbox and tap on the sign-in link you received. Alternatively, you can click on Manual sign-in and enter your Organization domain.
  5. Choose your sign-in method
  • SSO sign-in: enter the credentials for your indentity provider (IdP)
  • Classic sign-in: authenticate with your email and password

If you can't find the email with your sign-in link, or don't know your organization domain, click on Don't know your organization's domain? and enter your email address.

Unlock doors with Kisi


Tap-to-Unlock allows you to unlock doors by tapping your mobile device against the Kisi reader, without having to actively use the app. If your organization has enabled Tap to Unlock with Two-factor Authentication, you might need to unlock your mobile device before tapping it against the Kisi Reader.

Tap in-app

Tap in-app allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app.

  1. Sign in to Kisi on mobile
  2. Navigate to your place
  3. Tap on All doors
  4. Find the door your want to unlock
  5. Tap on the blue lock icon


With MotionSense enabled, iOS users can unlock doors with a wave of their hand, without actively using their mobile.


In case Kisi needs to investigate an issue further, we might ask you to send us the app logs. The troubleshooting flow is the same on Android and iOS.

  1. Sign in to your Kisi app
  2. Tap the user icon to open the User settings
  3. Select the Help tab
  4. Tap About to see an overview of all required permissions
  5. Scroll down and tap on Send logs to Kisi Support
  6. Tap OK