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Integrate Archie with Kisi

Archie’s integration with Kisi allows you to automatically sync your Archie accounts with Kisi and simplify access control in your office.


This is a partner-built integration, maintained and supported by the partner.


  • Kisi organization administrator rights
  • Archie account

Setup the Archie integration

Generate a Kisi API key

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On the top right corner, click on your name and click on My Account
  3. Next, select the API tab and click on Add API key
  4. Enter your name, your Kisi password, and your verification code and click Add
  5. Copy the API key shown on the screen and click Close

Configure the Kisi integration in Archie

  1. Sign in to Archie
  2. Click on Settings and then select Integrations
  3. Select Kisi
  4. Click on Configure and enter your Kisi API key you obtained before