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Wire the reader

You have two possibilities to wire your Kisi Reader.

Using PoE

If you'd like to wire it using PoE, just connect a CAT6 cable to the Reader Pro 2 pigtail.

Using low-voltage and Wifi

In this case, connect the two low-voltage wires (12V DC) to the two wires of the reader, following these instructions:

  1. Red for +12V DC-in
  2. Black for Ground

Never connect both a CAT6 cable and 2 low voltage wires at the same time to the Reader. The Reader Pro 2 only needs to be powered either using PoE or 2 low voltage wires.

On to the next step

  • If you want to connect Allegion Wireless Locks to your Kisi environment, you can set it up in the next step.
  • If now you want to connect your Kisi devices to the internet over Wifi, it's time to do the BlinkUp in the next step.
  • If you'll be using Ethernet, you can jump directly to setting up your Kisi account.