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Connect the Wiegand board

The Wiegand add-on board for the Controller Pro 2 comes with four Wiegand interfaces, supporting up to four legacy hardware devices–Wiegand readers or controllers–, as well as existing legacy credentials.


The Wiegand board is designed to receive and send Wiegand signals only. It will not work for readers and controllers that can only communicate via RS-485. If you are using such readers or controllers, please refer to their documentation to know if an adapter is available.

Attach the Wiegand board to the Controller Pro 2

The Wiegand board requires the Controller Pro 2 for power and communication. To install it:

  1. Make sure the Controller Pro 2 is powered off
  2. Hold the Wiegand board in front of the controller
  3. Locate the male/female connector pins
  4. Plug the Wiegand board into the controller via the connector pins
  5. Make sure that it's well connected, first pin to last pin