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Get started

The goal of this section is to help you create a mental model of how Kisi works. You'll learn how to connect your Kisi hardware, set up a new Kisi environment from scratch, and share access with users.

Create your account

As one of the administrators of your Kisi organization, you will be using the dashboard to set your Kisi system up, manage users and review access logs. Follow the below steps to get started with your account.

Setup your Kisi environment

A Kisi environment includes a wide variety of resources like places, doors, and elevators. The minimum you'll needed for a working Kisi setup:

  1. a place, representing your physical space, such as an office or a building
  2. a door, representing a door in your space

Install your Kisi hardware

Part of what makes Kisi unique are our cutting-edge controllers and readers. The following guides show you how to install and wire Kisi controllers and readers, and to connect them to the internet. If you are using Allegion wireless locks, you'll find instructions for these, too.

Configure hardware

Once installed and wired, you can go ahead and configure your hardware in the Kisi web app. If you use contact sensors or request-to-exit devices, take the time to configure them as well in this step. For a smoother user experience, we recommend to go through the guides step-by-step.

Add users and share access

An access control solution without users is like Facebook without friends. Let's add some users and share access with them so they can unlock your Kisi-enabled spaces.