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Use Kisi on Apple CarPlay

Kisi seamlessly integrates with Apple CarPlay, allowing you to unlock garage doors and gates (or any other doors) through Apple CarPlay.


  • Kisi organization membership
  • Kisi iOS app installed at version 44.0 and above
  • Internet connection

Supported unlock methods

  • Tap in-app allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app on CarPlay

Unlock doors with Kisi on CarPlay

  1. Install the latest Kisi iOS app on your iPhone
  2. Sign in to Kisi on your mobile. This will automatically sign you into the Kisi app on CarPlay.
  3. Open the Kisi app on CarPlay
  4. By default, your favorite doors will be shown on the screen
  5. Tap a door to unlock
  6. Tap on Places to see all of the places and doors where you have been granted access