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Access spaces with QR codes

Welcome to the convenience of accessing spaces with QR codes through Kisi! The Kisi Terminal Pro serves as both a check-in station and QR code terminal, providing seamless access to secured areas such as doors, elevators, gates, and turnstiles. It consists of two main parts:

  • A Kisi Reader Pro 2.1 (at the top): Reads physical NFC and RFID cards and mobile credentials, e.g. Apple Passes, MotionSense, and Tap-to-Unlock.
  • A QR code scanner (at the bottom): Scans QR codes for swift access.

How to scan the QR code

Follow these simple steps to access spaces using QR codes:

  1. Ensure you've received a QR code from your organization, either via email or your messaging tool. If you don't know where to find your QR code, reach out to your Organization Administrator.
  2. Once you have located the QR code, open it. Ensure it's clearly visible and your mobile background is sufficiently light.
  3. Hold your phone as illustrated below, 4-8 inches (10–20 centimeters) below the Kisi Terminal Pro, where the blinking light is visible
  4. When the reader flashes green, the door will unlock, or you will gain access to the designated elevator floor