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Event retention

As a Kisi admin, you can set event retention policies and define how certain events should be treated after the retention period. This helps your organization improve data management efficiency and maintain compliance. Kisi offers two types of event retention policies:

  • Delete: After the retention period, all or the specified events will be permanently deleted from the Event History.
  • Anonymize: After the retention period, the user information will be cleared from all or the specified events in the Event History.

The Event Retention feature is subject to quota limits. Once the allocated quota is reached, creating further event retention policies will not be possible. To increase your monthly quota, please contact your Account Executive or your service provider.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Go to Settings and click on Event Retention
  3. Click on Add Retention Policy
  4. Give a name to your policy, e.g. "Delete all events after 3 months"
  5. Under Retention Period, define the period for which events will be retained
  6. Under Action, select how events should be treated after the retention period: Delete or Anonymize
  7. Optional: Under Additional Filters, you can specify the set of events to which the policy applies. If not set, the policy will be applied to all event types.
  8. Click Add

Disable or delete event retention policies

  • To disable an event retention policy, navigate to the policy's overview page, and toggle off the Enable Policy toggle.
  • To delete an event retention policy, navigate to Event Retention, select the policy that you wish to delete, and click on Delete