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Fire alarm control panels (FACP)

Fire alarm control panels (FACP) serve as the central intelligence of a fire safety system, supervising sensors such as smoke detectors. By integrating them with access control systems, fire alarm control panels can initiate actions to unlock doors, optimizing evacuation procedures and strengthening safety protocols in emergency scenarios.

Integrating fire alarm control panels with Kisi

The Kisi controllers work with any off-the-shelf fire alarm panel, e.g. the Bosch FPA-1000 Fire Panel.

If you’re installing the fire alarm control panel yourself, we recommend introducing an external power supply (e.g. Altronix AL600ULACM) with FACP input to override access control. By doing so, doors controlled by Kisi can automatically unlock, allowing people to exit quickly and easily during emergencies.

The power supply controls both the electricity to your lock and the fire alarm control panel, regardless of whether your panel lives within the power supply or is external (i.e. Bosch FPA-1000). When the fire alarm is tripped, it will send a signal to the power supply and interrupt the fire relay control—this allows your doors to remain unlocked from the outside while power is removed (fail-safe) during an emergency. This functionality is independent of Kisi and works regardless of any connectivity issue with your Kisi controller.

You can find wiring instructions for the Altronix AL600ULACM FACP in Figures 3-7 of this manual.