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All Kisi hardware is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty as long as there is an active license. These include the Kisi Controller Pro and the Kisi Reader Pro.

The Kisi hardware warranty does not extend to any non-Kisi proprietary equipment or end of life equipment. These would include the door locks, components on the door locks, and/or any other physical access control system working on the same doors as the Kisi system. Non-Kisi proprietary equipment would be subjected to the warranty terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Kisi will not be liable for malfunctions on the Kisi hardware once the warranty expires. You will need to purchase new Kisi hardware if you need a replacement on any part of your Kisi system. You will also be liable for any installation costs associated with replacing your existing hardware with a new one.

In the event that a new version of the Kisi hardware is released by Kisi Inc., it will be made available to the client for purchase. The Kisi 5-year warranty does not extend to devices that have been de-commissioned or devices that have reached their end-of-life. Kisi will be required to send notification of any intention to de-commission any Kisi hardware.

Your Kisi software license does not entitle you to a free upgrade of Kisi hardware.