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Install the Kisi Terminal Pro

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for installing and wiring the Kisi Terminal Pro, Kisi's check-in station and QR code terminal. Once you have installed and wired the Kisi Terminal Pro, make sure to go through the necessary configuration steps:

Reader kit components

  • 1x Kisi Terminal Pro
  • 1x hex key
  • 2x screws for mounting

Tools required

  • A screwdriver/hand drill
  • 1x hex key: 1/16 inch (1.5 mm)
  • A #2 Phillips driver if mounting on mounting box

Install the Kisi Terminal Pro

Make sure the Kisi Terminal Pro is unobstructed by avoiding placement behind glass or aluminum. Mobile credentials like Tap to Unlock and MotionSense may not function optimally when used through such materials, especially if they are tinted.

  1. Position the Kisi Terminal directly in front of you, ensuring it is facing straight as it should be installed
  1. Rotate the reader 90 degrees
  1. Using the provided hex key, remove the screw from the reader
  1. After removing the screw, turn the reader with the back facing upwards
  1. Slide and remove the reader's mounting frame
  1. Rotate the mounting frame 90 degrees, align it with the horizontal line on the Terminal Pro, and install it on the wall / LV1 bracket
  1. Place the reader back into the mounting frame, slide it upwards, and reinstall the screw into the reader. Tip: Secure the first few threads of the screw before tightening with the hex key.

Wire the Kisi Terminal Pro

The Kisi Terminal Pro requires access to both power (Power over Ethernet) and the internet (Ethernet). To wire it, please connect a CAT6 or newer cable to the connector at the end of the Kisi Terminal Pro's pigtails.

Next steps

After installing and wiring the Kisi Terminal Pro, ensure you complete the necessary configuration steps: