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Using two-wire adapter

This deployment option is ideas for those who desire the power of Kisi while keeping their existing wiring infrastructure intact. With our two-wire adapter, you can seamlessly reuse your current wiring while fully enjoying the benefits of Kisi. Whether you're starting from scratch or seeking to replace a legacy system, this option is tailor-made to provide a seamless transition to Kisi's modern access control solution.


The two-wire adapter is currently under development. Join the waiting list to become beta-tester as soon as we launch it.


  • Seamlessly integrate Kisi
  • Keep your existing wiring infrastructure intact
  • No additional recabling cost
  • Bring high-speed Ethernet to the edge for future-ready setups
  • Enjoy the full range of Kisi features

How it works

  1. The user unlocks the door either via physical cards or the Kisi mobile app (Tap in-app, access link)
  2. The signal is sent to Kisi
  3. Kisi verifies and authorizes the credential
  4. Kisi unlocks the door