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Using CAT6 cable and legacy controller

This solution is perfect for those seeking to upgrade their access control system by replacing legacy readers with Kisi readers while keeping their existing controllers intact. With new cabling for each reader, you can enjoy the full range of Kisi features, empowering you with advanced access control capabilities while leveraging your existing infrastructure.


  • Seamlessly integrate Kisi while retaining legacy controllers
  • Use Kisi as a shared system of record for credentials
  • Enjoy the full range of Kisi features

How it works

  1. The user unlocks the door either using a physical card or via the Kisi mobile app (Tap in-app, access link, API call)
  2. The signal is sent to Kisi
  3. Kisi sends the signal further to the legacy system via the Wiegand channel in output mode
  4. If either Kisi or the legacy system authorizes the credential, the door will be unlocked