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Integrate Eden with Kisi

The Eden integration allows you to easily control both employee and visitor access to your workplace. Kisi automatically syncs to your Eden directory to seamlessly grant or revoke access to your office and different areas within it, allowing you to automate the on- and offboarding process, and easily manage visitor access within your space.


This is a partner-built integration, maintained and supported by the partner.


  • Kisi organization owner or organization administrator rights
  • Eden Scale or Enterprise plan

Configure the Kisi integration in Eden

  1. Sign in to Eden
  2. On the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations
  3. Navigate to Kisi Integration and click Authorize
  4. Now, a pop-up will appear prompting you to log in with your Kisi credentials
  5. When completed, click Authorize
  6. Click the Manage Kisi button to link/unlink locations and resync users
  7. Suspend all user credentials in Kisi. Eden will activate the credentials when they have an approved reservation. This should be done on the user level and will apply to all forms of access (e.g. cards or mobile apps).
  8. To resync all users manually, go to Settings > Integrations > Manage Kisi, and click Resync Users

Troubleshooting notes

  • The initial user sync between Eden and Kisi may take 5+ minutes depending on the number of users
  • Updates made on the Eden software will be pushed to Kisi within 60 seconds
  • Employees' Kisi email addresses need to match their Eden emails

For more details on troubleshooting, visit the Eden HelpCenter.