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Integrate YOGO with Kisi

YOGO is a booking system designed specifically for the health and wellness industry, catering to establishments such as yoga and pilates studios, gyms, crossfit boxes, personal trainers, and saunas. YOGO empowers studio owners to effortlessly oversee various aspects of their business operations, including class scheduling, membership management, payment processing, video and livestream management, and performance tracking.

By integrating Kisi with YOGO, you can enable your users to conveniently access your facilities using their own mobile devices.


This is a partner-built integration, maintained and supported by the partner.


  • Kisi organization administrator rights
  • YOGO account

Generate a Kisi API key

You need to have organization administrator or organization owner rights to create an API key. We recommend creating API keys from the organization owner's account, to avoid the API key becoming invalid when an organization admin loses their admin rights.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On the top right corner, click on your name and click on My Account
  3. Next, select the API tab and click on Add API key
  4. Enter your name, your Kisi password, and your verification code and click Add
  5. Copy the API key shown on the screen and click Close

Configure the integration in YOGO

  1. Sign in to YOGO
  2. Navigate to Settings > Access control
  3. Click on Enable Kisi integration
  4. Enter the Kisi API key you obtained before
  5. Optionally, select the checkbox for Automatic check-in. This ensures that users are automatically checked in to classes and open gyms.
  6. Click Save
  7. Navigate to Rooms
  8. Click Create room or click on an existing room to edit it
  9. In the dropdown Kisi locks, choose the Kisi lock(s) that should be associated with this room

Once configured, YOGO will automatically update Kisi to accurately reflect users' current memberships, bookings, etc.


When creating classes, open gyms, events, etc. remember to set a room to Allow Kisi access. As users pass through a Kisi device, the system records the data under their profile, enabling you to monitor their attendance.