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Integrate Kisi with Glofox

Glofox, a part of the ABC Fitness Solutions brand, is a software platform designed for gym and fitness studio owners to manage their business operations, including scheduling classes, managing memberships, processing payments, and tracking performance.

Our integration allows Glofox admins to synchronize users' memberships and bookings with their Kisi place, and to check users into Glofox whenever a relevant door is unlocked at the place.


This is a Kisi-built integration, maintained and supported by Kisi.


  • Kisi organization administrator rights
  • Glofox admin rights
  • Your Glofox Location ID

Please ask the admin of the gym account in Glofox to email and ask for the Kisi integration, their Glofox Location ID, and for their Location ID to be whitelisted.

Prerequisites for Glofox members to be imported into Kisi

To be imported into Kisi, Glofox members must have:

  1. One of Glofox's membership types assigned
  2. An active membership

Set up the Glofox integration


User import integrations can only be done on organization level. This means, you can only import users into organization groups, but not into place groups. Learn more about group types here.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Open the Settings and click on Integrations > Add Integration
  3. Define the name of your new Glofox integation
  4. Open the Type dropdown and select Glofox Gym Management Software
  5. Next, enter your Glofox Location ID (the location id for your Glofox setup)
  6. Select the Kisi group to import users with active memberships to
  7. Enable Bookings enabled if Credit pack and pay-as-you-go users should be also imported
  8. Enable the integration
  9. Click Add

Synchronizing Glofox members with Kisi

Once the integration has been set up, it will synchronize users with Kisi every 15 minutes (i.e. every 15 minutes aligned by UTC) and add imported users into the specified group. Therefore, if the group of a Glofox integration is changed, it may take a few minutes for shares to be recreated for the new group.

Synchronizing Glofox bookings and credit packs with Kisi

Kisi scans for upcoming bookings, providing access starting one hour prior to their scheduled class and extending up to one hour afterward. Please note the 15-minute synchronization delay.

Example: If you purchase a booking for 3:00 PM, for example, access will be granted between 2:00 PM and 2:14 PM, depending on when the user import sync job runs. If the job runs at 1:59 PM, access won't be granted as your class is more than 1 hour away. However, if the job runs at 2:14 PM or later, and your class is within 1 hour, you will be added for access.

Check Kisi users in through Glofox

Glofox members will have to sign up with Kisi to unlock. Whenever a user who has been granted access through the Glofox integration unlocks any of the doors of the place, Kisi will attempt to check the user in with Glofox.

Limits and quotas

The maximum amount of users that can be synced between Glofox and Kisi is 5,000. To increase the limit, please submit a Support request.

Common questions

Why are my Glofox clients listed as users in Kisi when their membership is inactive, or they are no longer members?

The Glofox integration will include all your Glofox clients as users within Kisi. When their membership is active, they will be shared access through a Kisi Group. When their membership is inactive, they are removed from the group, however their user will remain in Kisi for future use. Even though they have a user in Kisi, they will not have access to any doors.

When setting up my Glofox integration, why am I getting the error "The organization is ambiguous, please check if relevant references belong to the same organization".

This error will appear if you are trying to set up your integration with a group that is scoped to a place. An organization scoped group must be used for the integration. If you get this error, create a new group with the Scope to a Place setting disabled and use this group with the integration instead.