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Send Kisi events with customizable webhooks

Kisi offers the possibility to send events to third-party services using an HTTP webhook. When an event is added to the stream of a place, an event webhook is triggered, in turn dispatching the event payload as JSON to an external endpoint as specified by the webhook integration's url field.


  • Kisi organization administrator rights
  • A URL to post to

Set up the integration

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Under Settings, click on Integrations
  3. Click on Add Integration
  4. Define the name of your new event webhook integation
  5. Open the Type dropdown and select Event Webhook
  6. Under Event Webhook URL, enter the destination URL
  7. Optional: if a signature key is provided, it will be used to calculate an HMAC-SHA256 digest of the JSON in the body of the HTTPs request. The digest is then sent along with the X-Signature header
  8. Optional: you can select the event types that should trigger the event webhook
  9. Enable the integration
  10. Click Add

The integration will take effect immediately and any activities from the events stream will forward to the webhook integration.


For a sample webhook payload, check out our API integration guides.

Rate limits

We are not implementing any rate limits for events sent via webhooks.


Webhook endpoints may sometimes receive the same event multiple times. To prevent duplicate event notifications, we recommend that you make your event handling idempotent. For example, you can log the events you’ve processed, and then not process the already logged ones.