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Integrate Kangarootime with Kisi

With the Kangarootime integration you can determine the exact hours your users will have access to your space, allow them to unlock doors from their mobile phone, and create a security system that stays synchronized with your care facility's CRM.


This is a partner-built integration, maintained and supported by the partner.

Generate a Kisi API key

You need to have organization administrator or organization owner rights to create an API key. We recommend creating API keys from the organization owner's account, to avoid the API key becoming invalid when an organization admin loses their admin rights.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On the top right corner, click on your name and click on My Account
  3. Next, select the API tab and click on Add API key
  4. Enter your name, your Kisi password, and your verification code and click Add
  5. Copy the API key shown on the screen and click Close

Create Kangarootime group within Kisi

  1. Create a group that you want to be synchronized with Kangarootime
  2. Set your preferred security parameters
  3. Add to the group so Kangarootime can set up the Kisi integration with your account

Configure the integration in Kangarootime

  1. Provide Kangarootime with your Kisi place id number (the number in the URL) and your Kisi API key you generated before
  2. Once they configured your system, you'll receive a notification from Kangarootime
  3. Sign in to Kangarootime and navigate to Settings > Kisi
  4. Select Manage Access and change the Allow Every Parent Access setting to YES
  5. Click on Update Lock

Prerequisites for users

To use the Kisi integration, users need to have:

  • The Kangarootime mobile app installed
  • Locations services access granted to the app
  • Bluetooth turned on

Parents won’t be able to unlock doors from the mobile app if their child has the status Not Yet Enrolled.

Common questions

This integration is built and maintained by Kangarootime. We recommend consulting the Kangarootime documentation for the latest information.

Why does my event log show the organization owner or administrator making all the unlocks instead of the parents?

Kangarootime has a setting on their side that can be enabled to show who is unlocking the door. If this setting is disabled, the event log will show the owner or administrator (whoever set up the integration) as the user unlocking the door. This can cause issues with group level restrictions set like access schedules, as administrators can access outside the schedule. To fix this, reach out to Kangarootime Support.

Why can't parents unlock the door using the Kangarootime app? When I look at my event log, it shows the message "failed to unlock because they weren't tapping a nearby Kisi reader" or "failed to unlock because their location could not be determined (Bluetooth unavailable)".

The Kangarootime app does not support Kisi Geofence and Reader restrictions. You will need to disable these restrictions at the group and/or door level.