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Intrusion Detection

A physical intrusion detection system is based on sensors that detect the presence of an intruder attempting to breach the physical perimeter of a property, building, or other secured area.

Kisi offers unified access control, alarms, video surveillance and automation workflows to provide an integrated, cloud-based intrusion detection system. Intrusion Detection helps address two problems:

  • Unauthorized entries: Intrusion detection will monitor, register and inform its alert subscriber about policy violations, e.g. when a door is forced open. Optionally, an output on the controller can be used to trigger a siren or alarm light.
  • Secure door scheduling: If you don't want scheduled unlocks to start until the first unlock has taken place, you can assign doors to zones and define when schedules are allowed to activate. This solves the "Vacation/First to Arrive" problem, when you don't want your unlock schedule to start until the first user has arrived at your facility.

Kisi's Intrusion Detection functionality is based on the setup of zones. Zones can have specific alert policies that will apply when the zone is armed and will trigger specific events when certain actions take place.

The following conditions can trigger an alarm:

  • Forced open
  • Policy violations
  • Arming violations