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Landlord scenario with mobile and physical credential unlocks

Use case example

As a tenant in a multi-office building, you may encounter a main entrance door that uses a legacy access control system. However, with Kisi, you can still ensure continuous access from the entrance door all the way to your own office door.

By wiring the existing legacy controller to the Kisi controller, you can utilize Kisi's card and mobile tap in-app unlocks to unlock the main entrance. This allows for a seamless transition between the two doors, providing a secure and efficient solution for accessing your office.


  • Minimum hardware changes
  • Maintain the landlord’s system’s functionality
  • Enable physical card and mobile in-app unlocks at the main entrance with Kisi

How it works

  1. The user taps a card on the legacy reader
  2. The signal is sent to the legacy controller. If the legacy controller can authorize the credential, it will unlock the door as before. Thus, credentials known to the legacy controller remain unaffected.
  3. From there, the signal is transmitted to Kisi through the Wiegand board's input channel
  4. Kisi verifies and authorizes the credential
  5. Kisi sends an unlock request back to the legacy controller through the Wiegand board's output channel
  6. The legacy controller unlocks the door

The legacy controller will always unlock if it recognizes the credential. Kisi, in parallel, will also evaluate the same credential and ask the legacy controller to unlock if Kisi knows the credential. This avoids any disruptions to the pre-existing system.