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Access Points

Access Points in Kisi allows admins to assign the Kisi Reader to various access points, covering a wide array of use cases, including:

  • Security Checkpoints: Ensure employee device verification by allowing only company-managed devices into your facility.
  • Printers: Restrict access to printers to authorized personnel only.

With Access Points, you can enhance security and streamline operations across multiple facets of your organization.


This feature is available in Kisi upon request. Please contact Kisi Sales to enable it.

Add new access point

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to the place you want to add a new access point to
  3. Click on Access Points
  4. Click on Add Access Point
  5. Under Name, enter a name for your access point, e.g. "Authorization Access Point"
  6. Under Description, enter a preferred description for your access point, e.g. "Access point for entrance device authorization"
  7. Click Add

In the next step, you need to assign the Kisi Reader to the access point.

Assign access point to a reader

  1. Navigate to the place where you have added the access point
  2. On the place dashboard, click on Hardware
  3. Select the Readers tab and click the reader you want to assign to the access point
  4. Under Search doors, elevators or access points, select your access point
  5. Click Save

Next, to enable people to use this access point, you need to assign it to a group.

Assign access point to a group

  1. On your organization dashboard, navigate to Groups
  2. Select the group you want to assign an access point to
  3. Select the Access Points tab
  4. Click on Add Access Point
  5. Under Place, select the place where the access point has been added
  6. Under Search Access Points, select the access point you want to add
  7. Click Add

You can remove an access point from a group at any time by clicking on the bin icon.