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Integrate Kisi with Webex by Cisco


This is a Kisi-built integration, maintained and supported by Kisi.

Webex by Cisco is a collaboration platform that enables users to connect and communicate remotely with colleagues, customers, and partners. Webex Channels is a feature of the platform that allows users to create virtual spaces for teams or groups to collaborate and communicate in real time.

By integrating Kisi with Webex by Cisco, you can receive Kisi event messages in real time in your Webex channels.


  • A Webex account
  • Kisi administrator access rights

Set up the integration

  1. Sign in to your Webex account
  2. Create a new Webex chat room
  3. Add the Bot to the Webex chat room
  4. Sign in to Kisi
  5. Expand Settings and click on Integrations
  6. Click on Add integration
  7. Enter a name for your application and select Cisco Webex from the dropdown
  8. Click on Add. You will be redirected to the Webex marketplace integration.
  9. Finish the Webex OAuth flow
  10. Select the Webex chat room where you've added the bot
  11. Click Done
  12. Trigger a lock or lockdown event to test the integration. A notification should appear in your Webex chat room.

Please note that the bot is a one-way notification feature to receive events from Kisi.