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JumpCloud SCIM provisioning


This is a Kisi-built integration, maintained and supported by Kisi.

Before you start, make sure you have SSO set up for your organization. Then just follow the next steps to generate a SCIM token and enable SCIM for your organization.

Generate your SCIM token in Kisi

  1. Go back to Kisi
  2. Under Settings click on SSO & SCIM
  3. Enable SCIM and click on Generate Token
  4. Copy the token (shown once)

Set up SCIM with JumpCloud

  1. Sign in to JumpCloud
  2. Navigate to SSO and click on the Kisi SSO app
  3. Click on the Identity Management tab (at the top)
  4. Enter the Base URL:
  5. Under Token Key, enter the token that you previously generated in Kisi
  6. To synchronize both groups and users, select Enable management of User Groups and Group Membership (recommended)
  7. Click Test to test the integration
  8. Click Activate to enable the integration
  9. Click Save