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Integration guides

You can integrate Kisi with a multitude of software tools, achieving a unified system that offers increased security, automation, and greater control to your spaces.

Types of integrations

Three types of integrations are available:

  • Kisi-built: integrations built and supported by Kisi
  • Partner-built: integrations built and supported by Kisi partners
  • Webhook-based: integrations passively supported via API

Navigate to the individual integration guides to find this information.

Integrate the tools you use every day

Analytics platforms

You can connect Kisi with powerful analytics platforms to centralize the logging of access events, and further analyze and visualize these in your analytics dashboard.


By integrating Kisi with third-party video cameras, you can monitor your location directly from the Kisi dashboard.

Coworking space management software

Kisi integrates with all major coworking space management software, enabling facility managers around the world to better manage physical access and operations.

CRM software

By integrating Kisi with your CRM tool, you can automatically sync membership information, grant access to your facility based on membership type and status, and allow users to unlock doors from their mobile device. Kisi integrates with CRM tools for gyms, childcare platforms and recreational organizations.


You can integrate Kisi with your elevators to further secure your building and share access to specific floors.

Locker systems

Integrate Kisi with your Smartalock electronic locker system.

Messaging software

You can connect Kisi with messaging software like Slack to automatically ingest Kisi events, and get notified about what's happening in your Kisi environment in real-time.

Office management software

By integrating Kisi with your office management software, you can seamlessly grant or revoke access to your office and different areas within it. Kisi integrates with major workplace management solutions, visitor management solutions, and video door intercoms.

SSO providers, SCIM-based user provisioning

Integrating Kisi with your SSO provider makes logging in simple and secure for your team. By enabling SCIM, you can keep your user information up to date across all platforms.


You can combine Kisi with intelligent video monitoring systems like Camio to enable real-time insights and fast visual verification of unlock, held open and forced open events.

User directories

In case you don't have SSO set up yet, you can import users from your user directory.

Workflow automation

You can use event webhooks to track unlocks for example, and send them into an organization-wide SIEM logging system like Splunk.