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Supercharge your insights with automated reports

· 3 min read

As organizations continue to adapt to hybrid work, they require more data to plan for seamless operations. With stringent compliance and audit demands, advanced access control reporting is quickly becoming a key requirement.

To better serve our customers and empower them in their daily auditing and reporting needs, we've taken Kisi's reporting capabilities to a new level. This involves introducing a range of new, advanced reports and enhancing the functionalities of the existing ones.

In this blog post, we have summarized everything you need to know about our recently launched and updated reports. Give them a try!

Door unlock permission reports

For admins, auditors, and access managers, Door unlock permissions reports offer a list of users who have been granted access permissions to a specific door within a Kisi organization. They can be scheduled to be delivered to your inbox automatically, or generated on-the-fly and downloaded as a CSV file. The report includes:

  • User name
  • User email
  • User role
  • The scope of the role
  • Permission valid from / until

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User presence reports

User presence reports provide insights into active users, user group activity, and user login timestamps. The lowest timeframe resolution is one day. If the timeframe is set to one day, it offers basic time tracking. The report includes:

  • User name
  • User email
  • Access rights
  • First unlock
  • Last unlock
  • Days with unlocks

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Weekly place analytics, now with hardware metrics

We introduced Weekly place analytics reports last month, and this month, we've integrated hardware metrics. Now, you can delve into comprehensive hardware analytics within your Weekly place analytics report for a deeper understanding of your environment. The report is provided in a user-friendly PDF format with infographics, and it contains the following key details:

  • Daily place usage
  • Heatmap of unique user unlocks
  • Weekly unique users
  • Unlocks by credential type
  • The top 5 most frequently used doors
  • Recent failed unlock attempts
  • Hardware metrics

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Event reports, now with advanced filtering

Event reports allow you to pinpoint and examine specific events within your Kisi environment. Now, you can fine-tune these with advanced object and variable filters. For instance, you can retrieve all Door held open events for your main entrance over the last two weeks. This provides you with the precision needed for optimal control.

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Any specific reports you're still missing?

At Kisi, we're committed to continuous improvement and making your experience better. Is there a specific report type you'd like to see included? We welcome your input. Please use the feedback button on the right to share your thoughts with us.