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What's new in August 2023

· 3 min read

Explore the latest Kisi features and stay up-to-date with the most recent updates in the Kisi docs.

New features

Automate your reporting process with Scheduled Reports

As a Kisi admin, regular reports can help you enhance security, safety, and to understand how your places are used. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Scheduled Reports, designed to streamline your reporting process and guide you with insights into your facilities. Effortlessly automate user and event reports to be sent directly to the right people in a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on advanced place analytics and door permissions reports!

New integration: Cisco Webex meets Kisi

Do you use Cisco Webex at your organization? Now, you can integrate it with Kisi in less than a minute and receive instant Kisi event notifications right in your Webex channels. No more juggling apps or missing important updates.

Troubleshoot your hardware faster with updated controller details

To help you identify your exact device revision, we improved how controller details are shown under Hardware > Controllers:

  • Revision number allows you to pinpoint your device's exact version, ensuring accurate compatibility and support.
  • Connection type allows you to quickly see whether your device is currently connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Note: Controller Pro 2 devices with revision numbers below 553xxxxxx still support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, but for higher revision numbers only Ethernet is available.

Further improvements with the Glofox integration

The Kisi & Glofox integration enables Glofox admins to synchronize users with their Kisi location and to automatically check users into Glofox whenever they unlock a door at that location. In a recent update, we extended access to credit pack users, allowing them to also utilize Kisi for entry.

Docs changelog



  • New integrations: Added new integration guides for WodBoard and Evini
  • Roles: Updated the Roles concept article with the following:
    • Added place/door lockdown to place level roles
    • Added Scheduled reports to organization level roles
    • Added organization owner role to organization level roles
  • Audit and reporting: Added how to configure Scheduled reports
  • Add users and share access: Added how place admins and group managers can add new users manually