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Unlock locks with the Tap to Unlock SDK


In Kisi, the terms locks and doors are used interchangeably.

Tap to Unlock allows users to unlock doors by holding their Android or iOS device up to a Kisi Reader. The reader will read the phone's Bluetooth (iPhone) or NFC (Android) signal to allow access. Once the phone's signal is authenticated, the reader will send a signal via the cloud to the Kisi Controller, which will trigger the relay and unlock the door.


For Tap to Unlock to work, you'll need:

About the Tap to Unlock SDK

The Tap to Unlock SDK allows your app to interact with Kisi reader, so that you can:

  • Enable users to unlock doors with Tap to Unlock
  • Enable users to unlock doors in-app by retrieving the necessary proof for doors with reader restriction enabled

Generate the SDK token

Tokens enable your app users to authenticate themselves to the Kisi SDK. For security, everyone using your app needs to have an own token.

  1. Send a POST request to Kisi's Login API endpoint, using the following curl request:
"login": {
"type": "device",
"name": "string",
"email": ""
"user": {
"domain": "string",
"email": "string",
"password": "string",
"otp_attempt": "string"
  • The login object is sending information about the login being created - in this case, it's created via the API
  • The user object is sending authentication information about the user making the request to create a login
  • The otp_attempt parameter is required in case you have two-factor authentication enabled. Its value must contain your one time verification code (from your Google Authenticator app, for example)
  1. If the login is successful, the response will contain the secret field. Keep the login secret. Anyone who has the login can make requests on behalf of the user it belongs to.
"secret": "string"

Install the SDK

Working with reader restrictions

Some doors might have the Kisi Reader restriction enabled. This ensures that users may only unlock when standing in front of a door. The allowed distance is within approximately 5 meters (~16.4 ft) from the reader.

Both the Android and the iOS SDK will fetch the proximity_proof parameter to verify that the user is standing at the door. More details on the links below.


To help you with potential integration issues, you can download our example apps showcasing our SDK integration: