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Kisi API

You can manage an organization, its users, locks, and other resources directly through Kisi's JSON-based API.

Get started quickly by using our interactive API documentation. Just provide an authentication token and you can start sending API requests directly from the documentation pages. Our endpoints cover over 30 different types of resources. You can also use these to build your own integrations on top of Kisi, or export different types of data into your third-party analysis tools.

Please note that if you make a lot of requests, you might receive 429 Too Many Requests responses. They are errors that we return when we receive many requests in a short time. If you start getting those, make sure you implement an exponential backoff.

We strive for all changes to be backwards-compatible, so there is currently no versioning of the API. When it's not possible, we will let you know well in advance through our Developer Newsletter.